Why are South Africans Choosing to Immigrate to Canada?

Canada Abroad Canadian Immigration Consulting conducted a survey of fifty-five South Africans who were thinking about emigrating from South Africa. They were asked why they would like to emigrate and which country they would like to immigrate to.

The respondents were given a list of choices of why they would like to emigrate. They could select as many reasons as they wished and could specify any additional reason that they wished.

The number one reason that people wanted to emigrate from South Africa is that they feel the crime rate is too high in South Africa, followed by wanting to give their children a better life.

The full list of reasons and percentage selected are listed below:

  • Crime rate is too high in my home country – 75%
  • To give my children a better life – 69%
  • To earn a better income – 40%
  • To earn a different currency – 14.5%
  • To experience something new – 38%
  • To be with my spouse – 1.8%
  • To be with Family – 3.6%
  • No specific Reason – 0%
  • Other – 0%

The respondents were not limited to which country they wanted to emigrate to and could enter any country of their choosing. 93% of the respondents stated they wanted to immigrate to Canada, while only one respondent chose each of the following countries: United Kingdom; United States of America; Italy and Australia.

Of the fifty-five respondents, 62% of applicants stated that they have thought about emigrating on more than one occasion, and 49% of respondents stated that they had contacted a professional to assist them in starting the process.

The demographic details of the fifty-five respondents are as follows:

  • 64% were male
  • 36% were female
  • 76% were married or in a common law relationship
  • 24% were single
  • 62% had at least one dependent child under the age of 18
  • 38% had no dependent children



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