It could be overwhelming landing in a new country and trying to settle in. This is why we’ve created this section to help you get started with all the necessities of setting up your new future.

Where to start?

Once your Immigrant visas have been placed into your passport and you have received your Confirmation of Permanent Residency papers, you are ready to go to Canada! While this is an exciting time, it can also be quite stressful. Where do you go when you arrive, how do you get there, what is the first thing you need to do once you get there? The list of questions goes on and on. We have complied some of the most useful information for new immigrants based on the most commonly asked questions from our clients.

Arriving in Canada

The most important step is to arrive in Canada. Once you’re there, there are a number of things to consider...... more

Travel Insurance

When you first arrive in Canada, you will not initially be covered by the Canadian medical system. You will want to ensure that you have private coverage during this time so that you do not run the risk or incurring any medical bills...... more

Leaving the Airport

If you’re arriving in Toronto, you can get a warm welcome from the moment you land. Our associates provide an extensive and well-designed arrival package for their guests...... more

Obtaining a Canadian résumé

When applying for work in Canada, it is important to ensure that your CV is up to Canadian standards. A powerful résumé is one that can clearly describe your achievements in such a way that you can confidently defend what you did, take pride in the fact that you produced the outcomes, and communicate to the recruiter the context behind you, personally, as an individual...... more

Finding a Home to Rent or Buy

Need assistance finding a place to stay in Canada? Canada Abroad can help. Our associate has over 25 years of property experience, meaning they are ideally suited to help in advising on all property matters when it comes to leasing or buying a property...... more

Obtaining a Mortgage

Canada Abroad can assist you with purchasing a home in Canada. Our associate enables home buyers to get their best mortgage with a full-service digital brokerage solution. They negotiate for you to get you the best rates & features from over 30 Banks, Credit Unions & Financial Institutions...... more

Financial Advice

Our associates are experts in assisting new immigrants with their financial move and financial planning...... more

Accounting Services

Canada Abroad has various accounting associates that can assist you with an array of services as you transition your life to Canada...... more