Your quick guide to the best food in Canada

This is your guide to tasting the flavours of Canada…in a nutshell

Eating your way around a country can be one of the more creative and exciting ways to explore. When you immigrate to Canada, trying out the local cuisine can help to make you feel more at home. Food transcends many barriers, and Canadians are very proud of their homegrown delicacies.

Canada Abroad is a Canadian Immigration Consulting company, helping people to take the leap by immigrating to Canada. We know that Canada is a place of diverse cultures and there is as much variety in Canadian dishes as there is amongst the cultures. Great food can be found throughout the territories in Canada and if you are looking to put a twist on the way that you see the nation, why not go on a food tour?

  1. Start with poutine

Poutine is Canadian fast food and one meal that you will find throughout your travels. It’s outlandish, it’s tasty, it’s so Canadian! Many small towns in Quebec have claimed to be the inventors of this 1950’s dish, but the origins are debatable. Poutine consists of a meat based, peppery gravy along and delicious cheese curds, poured over fries.

  1. Why not have Peameal Bacon with your poutine?

This isn’t just any bacon, this is a delicious Canadian twist to bacon! Made from pork loin, which has been pickled in brine and then rolled in cornmeal, Peameal Bacon is fried or grilled to perfection and served as a tasty side treat to just about anything, from poutine to eggs while it is also a popular burger filling.

  1.  Bannock: the bread with a difference

How much do you love bread? Well, the bannock is not just any bread, it is fluffy, light, grilled bread that can be easily made at home or bought from a shop. Bannock is quite versatile, with savoury and sweet toppings both being complementary to this bread.

  1. Death by chocolate: Nanaimo Bars

This is the dessert of choice for many Canadians and the great thing about these treats is that they don’t need to be baked. A layer of crunchy biscuit (usually Graham Cracker) crumbs and nuts, a scrumptious custard or cream middle and a thick chocolate topping makes for a melt in your mouth treat. These are available in different flavours and you can find these in various shops in Canada.

  1. You can’t avoid maple syrup

Canada’s pop culture iconic food is maple syrup and images of the red maple leaf have become synonymous with this nation. In fact, Canada loves their maple syrup so much that there is a 386-page cookbook out there dedicated to this sweet tree sap. Fun fact: Canada produces 85% of the world’s maple syrup!

  1. Indulge in Timbits

Ever wondered where the centre bit of a doughnut goes? Known as Timbits in Canada, the centre of a doughnut is cooked and coated in sugary sweetness, turning it into the most delicious treat.

  1. A quenching Caesar Drink

All around Canada you can try the Caesar Drink, which is more flavoursome than its sister drink, the Bloody Mary. The Caesar is made using a mixture of clam broth and tomato juice to which Worcestershire Sauce and hot sauce is added. The drink is served like a Bloody Mary, with ice and celery sticks, though some places are more creative with their presentation.


Eat your way around Canada! When you choose to immigrate to Canada it means you have more time to get out there and explore the culture that makes Canada the great country that it is.


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