Immigration to Canada – Widen your economic and cultural horizons.

Canada is a large country. It stretches nine thousand kilometers, as says the Canadian motto “from sea to sea.” Its magnificent woods, mountains and lakes make Canada’s surface area of 9.9 million square kilometers exceptionally beautiful. Yet, its overall population is merely 36 million. That is one ninth the population of the USA (323 million); almost half that of the UK (at 66 million) and less than the population of South-Africa, a country one eighth the size. This excess space, coupled with the fact that Canada has large amounts of natural resources, explains the establishment of programs such as Express Entry. It was established not least to ease the entry of quality people into Canada so as to assist in the growth of the country. There is a lot of opportunity in Canada, and they need skilled workers and honorable people to add to their labour pool in order to capitalize on this.

The Canadian government is more than willing to share the beautiful country and high standards of living with immigrants, if the immigrants can pull their weight, and join in the future of a great nation. The economy is growing well, not least aided by their close ties with the USA, its only neighbor– last year Canada was one of the US’s biggest trade partners, and vice versa. The close economic ties between them mean that Canada stands in a strong alliance with the greatest military power in the world, adding to its stability.


Canadians do not only care for growth though, they care deeply for the conservation of their natural heritage and have some of highest standards of living in the world, as well as an exceptionally low crime rate.

Immigrating to Canada can broaden your horizons in even more ways. Once you achieve dual citizenship, you can travel visa-free to at least 159 countries. If you are currently residing in, for example, South-African, you can travel to these 165 countries, because you can use both your South-African passport and your Canadian one. This gives you visa-free access to more countries than you would be able to visit with even the world’s most powerful passport.


Immigrating to Canada is something the Canadian government desires, since they want quality individuals to join them in building and enjoying a beautiful nation. It is also something almost every person outside Canada would consider. Who would not want to be located in a nation that has vast acres of open land, great deposits of natural resources, good local and international security, high regard for technical skills, high quality of life, excellent educational systems, and a passport that can take you almost anywhere in the world, hassle free?
Broaden your horizons – move to Canada.

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