112 Reasons to Move to Canada

Change your holiday destination into your new home

Moving to a different country is not always the easiest decision to make. However, certain countries are definitely worth your while to consider. One of those countries is Canada. Let’s have a look at some of the exciting adventures you can have when moving to Canada as well as some of the benefits and attractions. So what are the top reasons to move to Canada?


1 Rich economy

Nothing says a stable country like a rich economy. A country is only as powerful and as prosperous as its economy allows it to be. A country’s economy not only influences the import and export of goods but it also has a large effect on small-scale and corporate business which in return has an effect on your pocket making a rich economy country definitely a country to look at.

2 Established government

A country with a well-established government means that there are proper structures in place to ensure that you are treated fairly. A country’s government plays a major role, if not the biggest role in a country’s growth. If your government is unstable it can cause the entire country to go from a first world country to a third world country in the matter of one election cycle. By moving to a country like Canada which has a well-established ruling government you ensure a brighter future for yourself and your family.

3 No cut down on immigration

Where Britain and America have decided to cut down on the number of immigrants that they allow into their beautiful countries, Canada has decided to keep up their tradition of being different. They have continued to allow immigrants into the country, with the proper paperwork and according to country rules of course, for years and have no intention of changing that anytime soon. Canada welcomes immigrants that are beneficial to the country and look after the tourists visiting them. Reputable immigration agencies also make sure that the process of immigration goes smoothly, just make sure that the agency has good word of mouth .

4 Immigration & Visa programs

Structure is key in Canada. They have the canny ability to put the best processes in place to make the transfer from any country to their own trouble-free. Together with a well-established government, they have all of their affairs in order when it comes to the various Immigration and Visa programs.
Canada has got various Visa Programs that you can apply for including Work Visa, Holiday Visa, and Study Visa options.

5 Security benefits programs – education and health

All any person wants for themselves and for their families is security. By moving to Canada you prevent yourself from losing sleep over at least two very important things that every family needs: Education and proper Healthcare. Canada believes in moulding young minds as they are the future of the country and therefore they have a high-quality educational system in place. A healthy country is a wealthy country and Canada knows that. By immigrating to Canada you ensure that your family receives the best health care should they need it.

6 Countless job opportunities

Finding a job can be difficult in most countries. However, Canada is known for assisting immigrants to get a suitable, stable job. Because you will work for around 70% of your life it is important that you do something that makes you happy, something that makes you want to stand up in the morning and do your best. Canadian job recruiters know this and they assist immigrants in finding the best possible working opportunities. In return, if workers are satisfied it would mean that companies grow, helping the economy to grow and making sure that Canada continues to be a rich economy.

7 Minimum wages since 1 Oct 2015 is $10.50 – Best salary benefits

Canada knows that cost of labour, by pushing up the minimum wages in the country they have made sure that the lower income categories are also still able to make a proper living.

8 Canadian passport holders – Visa free travel to almost all countries across the world

Having a passport has never opened as many adventure opportunities as having a Canadian passport. By obtaining a Canadian passport you give yourself and your family the option of travelling to so many countries all across the world without having to apply for a Visa. The exciting prospect of travelling the world will be at your fingertips.

9 Rights to all religion, culture, language choice & freedom of speech

In many countries people have either been forced to practice their religion in secret, hide their cultures or been scared into not practicing their freedom of speech. Wars have been started over cultural differences and religious choices but Canada is more accepting. Canada has been built on the principle of allowing all religions, exploring all cultures, speaking home languages and freedom of speech, making it the best country to explore your beliefs, and to learn and grow personally and spiritually.

10 No job restriction – permits to work and live anywhere in Canada

With a wide variety of jobs available all across Canada, they have are wise not to place any restrictions on work permits.

11 Great trade and personal growth opportunities

If you have a skill to trade this is the place, this country provides great growth opportunities both in the business sense and in the personal sense.


12 Most polite people

Canadians have been exposed to so many different cultures and have chosen to embrace them rather than shy away from them. To be rude to people in Canada is considered an insult. It is not in their nature, making it a pleasant experience to move to Canada.

13 Clean and safe

The biggest concern that you might have if you left your front door open is that a bear might pay you a visit. [ttshare]Canada is seen as one of the safest and most clean countries in the world.[/ttshare]

14 Breathtaking cities and urban attractions

Not only are the cities in Canada clean and safe but they are also breath-taking. With the combination of various cultures, French designs, and artistic flair, this city provides views and buildings that will have you staring for hours.

15 Natural wonders

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Nahanni National Park Reserve, Cabot Trail, Niagara Falls, and the Scenic Drives are just a few of the natural wonders that this country has to offer. Any nature photographer will be right at home.

16 Affordability

Statistics show that Canada is one of the most affordable countries in the world. With low inflation, low taxes and decent wages, you will be able to build a great home for your family.

17 Outdoor activities

For the outdoor campers & adrenalin junkies, Canada will be the playground they have been waiting for with activities such as Camping, Golfing, Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Skiing, and Snowshoeing Trails across Canada.

18 Events and festivals throughout the year

Canada knows how to have a great time. They have shown it time and time again with some of the biggest festivals and events in the world. They host music events throughout the year that has thousands flocking to the county.

19 Skiing throughout the year

As this country is well-known for its cold weather it is also home to some of the best ski resorts all year round.

20 Canada’s French heritage

Canada is one of the few countries that have a French Heritage alive. There are towns that can be visited that are still truly French.

21 Perfect country to raise a family

To raise a family today is already a very hard task. Canada is safe, has an excellent educational structure, best wages and security, making it the best place to raise your family.
Canada is safe, has an excellent educational structure, best wages and security, making it the best place to raise your family.

22 Waterfalls (Ontario)

Seeing a waterfall up close gives us a new respect for mother nature and gravity. The Niagara Falls is one of the heritage falls in Canada that must be included on every tourist’s checklist.

23 Hiking trails (Nova Scotia)

Canada is known for its outdoors and the best way to breathe in the fresh air is to pack your backpack and go hiking through some of the beautiful forest trails that the countryside has to offer.

24 National Reserve of Nahanni – only access by air or sea

Preserving nature is at the top of the Canadian government’s list and one of those attempts at preservation is the Nahanni National Reserve which is only accessible by air or sea making it difficult for human activity to have an effect on it.

25 The best highway: The Trans-Canada Highway

The longest highway in the world is located in Canada. Not only is it the longest but also the one with the best views all the way.

26 Quebec

Quebec city is the capital of the Quebec province in Canada, and is a welcoming city with European charm. All the artistic flair of this country can be seen in the architecture of this city

27 Manitoulin (Ontario)

Manitoulin is the “largest freshwater lake island in the world” making it perfect for a holiday if you love swimming and fresh water diving.

28 Plains of Manitoba

Manitoba forms part of the three “prairie provinces”. These plains are rich in wildlife in Canada.

29 The Fundy Bay

The Fundy Bay has been recorded as the place with the highest tidal range in the world.

30 Aurora Borealis

Mother Nature has decided to place one of her most spectacular air shows in Canada. Canada is front row seat to the best air show.

31 Viking trails

Travel where the Vikings have travelled. Are you intrigued to see the road that the Vikings travelled and the area they stayed in as they made their way through the country? Now is your chance, take the Viking trails and walk in their footsteps.

32 Virgin island of Haida Gwaii

The virgin island of Haida Gwaii is known for being home to the most unique and rare species, and it is completely preserved.

33 Vancouver

Even though Quebec is the capital of Canada, Vancouver the most populated. 75% of all major events and festivals happen in Vancouver. However if working on farms is not what you are looking for ( should you rather be looking for a desk job), Vancouver is the place to stay.

34 Polar bears

Only in Canada will they give you the opportunity to swim with Polar Bears, or get as close to it as possible. They have developed the perfect answer to the impossible question “How to swim with a bear?”. With two separate pools with thick glass in between and an underwater camera, this is as close as you will get.

35 Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean provides for sightings of a lifetime, the privilege of seeing an iceberg up close and reliving what the skipper of the Titanic might have experienced when seeing the iceberg for the first time.

36 CN Tower

The CN Tower in Canada has been viewed as one of the Wonders of the World. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

37 Nova Scotia (meaning New Scotland) seafood

This part of Canada is known for having the best seafood. This is the perfect place to have a truly remarkable seafood experience.

38 Banff

This is the number one tourist destination in Canada, home to the hot springs and rocky mountain views that can take your breath away. With hiking trails surrounding it and ski resorts close by it is the perfect place to stay when you take a trip to Canada to see if you would like to live in the beautiful country.

39 Prince Edward Island

This island is the smallest in size and in population and it is mostly made up of farmers. Should you be looking for a place to work on a farm this is the best place to start.

40 Fellow countrymen

In Canada, newcomers are considered as fellow countryman and not as outsiders or foreigners. Here all are welcome. Making moving into Canada is a pleasant experience.

41 Easy to settle in

With countrymen that welcome you warmly, a great educational system for your children and work that you will be well compensated for all make for an easy experience when settling into a new country.

42 No communication barrier

Freedom of Speech is a way of life in Canada. Canadians believe in saying what they think and the Canadian government supports this way of thinking as it shows them exactly what their people are thinking. This is giving them the opportunity to provide the country with a better government.

43 Bigger country

Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world next to Russia. Making the opportunity to find the perfect job for you so much easier and there is another bonus to this, all that space means that people are not living on top of one another.

44 Cleanliness

A clean country is a healthy country. A healthy country is a strong and rich country. Keeping the country clean is one of Canada’s main priorities as this nation contains a lot of fresh water resources along with the clean air and beautiful surroundings that brings in thousands of tourists every year.

45 Donuts for breakfast

Canada, maple syrup, and donuts all go hand in hand. You might be surprised to know that Canadians love indulging in donuts for breakfast. It is almost like a tradition to have donuts together with your cereal or eggs in the morning.

46 Lake swimming in summer, surfing in winter

In summer the lakes in Canada warm up to a comfortable temperature making it wonderful to swim in while in winter Canadians turn to bodysuits and surfboarding as a way to get into the water.

47 Fraud is not acceptable

The Canadian government has one of the world’s strictest, no tolerance attitudes towards fraud and corruption.

48 Safety first

Strict gun control and laws are in force all over Canada ensuring that there is constant control.

49 Work permit benefits

By obtaining a work permit you open up the way for your family to get the best possible education and health care while also having the opportunity to apply for the best retirement options available.

50 Encouragement and support for entrepreneurs

To start up your own business is no easy task but Canadians support local businesses, making it the right place for an entrepreneur. And if the product or service you are providing benefits the country or community, you will have the government support you require.

51 Lower tax

We all dread tax season, not Canadians. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has a lower tax rate than most.

52 Workplace wellness is a priority

A healthy worker is a hard worker. Most of the companies in Canada provide their workers with an area to work out in and they provide them with time to do so. Together with a great health care system, benefits, and fresh air, you and your family will lead a great lifestyle.

53 Looking after you in retirement

Retiring is something everyone looks forward to. But in many countries this is depending on if they have enough money to support themselves. A wide variety of retirement plans are offered by employers and the government can also assist you in ensuring that you have the best possible retirement.

54 Proper payment for overtime

Overtime is rewarded. If your goal is to make money when moving to Canada then over time is definitely a must. The Employment Acts in Canada force employers to reward over time at the best rates.

55 Rank and rule

Rank is there for a reason, to keep order and control, but rank is not there to allow people to be rude or disrespectful to others. In Canada, everyone is seen as equal in the workplace and employees are treated equally as such.

56 Cost of living

Canada has been ranked as one of the most affordable countries to live in. The cost of building a life is low enough for all income categories to be able to look after their families sufficiently.

57 Training for extra skills

If you are open to learning and obtaining extra skills, employers will provide training and assist in your development. Employers see their employees as investments to help their businesses grow.

58 Need of skilled works

Because Canada is determined to grow and provide the best possible products and services, they thrive on employing skilled workers. If you have a specific skill then you will have a job.

59 Stable banks

The money markets have a huge influence on the growth, tax rate and inflation of a country. In many countries, the banks are seen as fairly unstable and it is always a gamble on who to place your money with. Canada hosts some of the most stable banks ensuring that all the money you work so hard to make is safe.

60 Highly developed technology sector

We all know that technology has taken over almost everything, from the way children learn in school to the way doctors work and the way we communicate. Canada has progressed with technology, grown with it and embraced it. That is why Canada has some of the best medical advances and provides so many different products and services to companies across the globe.

61 Immigrant assistance

Immigrating to a new country is stressful enough and there are so many factors you have to keep in mind. Because of that, Canadians provide assistance with the immigration process. All you have to do is ask.

62 Housing

Housing prices are affordable for almost all of the income categories. If you cannot afford to house on your current wage, when working in Canada, your employer has the obligation of stepping in and providing you with accommodation.

63 Yoga on parliament grounds

What is the best way to take in the fresh air, get a workout and meet new people? The answer is yoga in front of a parliament building together with hundreds of people.

64 Paddling past an iceberg

Not a lot of people can say that they have been an arm’s length away from an iceberg. Paddling past an iceberg is one of the many adventurous things that you will be able to do if you visit or move to Canada.

65 Mammal migrations

Spring brings one of the most spectacular sightings that nature has to offer; the migration of over 20 000 Grey Whales. Grey whales are one of the world’s largest mammals.

66 World’s longest recreational trail

Canada is home to the Trans Canada Trail which is a 16 800km trail that consists of a network of around 400 trails that is currently 73% complete. Canada is aiming to complete the route of 23 000km which runs from various coast – coast for the nation’s 150th Celebrations.

67 Ice hotels

While we all like to stay in a cosy and comfortable hotel when travelling, Canada has a different approach to a luxury hotel. A stay at Quebec City’s Ice Hotel or the ice hotel in Montreal is the type of adventure that you will remember forever.

68 Race to the midnight sun

Canoe & Kayak paddlers will feel right at home in Canada. Annually, Canada is host to the day-night race of 444 miles called Race to the Midnight Sun.

69 Trip to Jurassic Park

Within the Grasslands National Park, you can enjoy a quick peek into the ancient world of Dinosaurs. It is home to interesting dinosaurs fossils which you can see when enjoying one of the guided tours which are provided.

70 Skipping past a glacier

Glaciers are always seen from far, but in Canada, you can go on a trip and walk past one or drive past it and get an up close view of a glacier.

71 Personalized stamps

Even though you are not the president or a Prime Minister, you can still place your face on the stamps of the letters and packages that you send to your family and friends.

72 Snorkel with whales

Snorkeling with White Beluga Whales is a definite must, Western Hudson’s Bay Canada is home to almost 27 000 White Beluga Whales. Each summer around 3 000 of them gather and you are able to take a tour and go snorkelling to see them.

73 Less firearm related homicide

Canada’s statistics show that they have a far lower rate of people being killed by firearms than in most countries. They have extremely strict rules and regulations when it comes to having and using a firearm.

74 Socially progressive government

Canada is opening their doors to refugees from Syria who need a home while many other countries have closed their doors and refused to assist those in need. Canada prides themselves on being socially progressive and involved in their communities and they are known for being openly welcome to refugees.

75 A welcoming tolerance to society

Adapting to a new environment and a new country is hard enough, Canadians understand this and have made it socially possible for foreigners to adapt.

76 Wide open spaces

If you are a lover of open space around your home and would love to get out of an apartment complex buildings and cramped spaces, Canada is your answer. With one of the lowest populations, around 3.75 people per square km, there are a lot of homes with open space.

77 Quality of life

The quality of life in Canada is rich and for the most part first-rate.

78 Environment and climate

The combination of Canada’s natural resources together with the right climate makes for spectacular sightseeing.

79 Tourist rich

Canada is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world attracting thousands of tourists every year.

80 Natural resources

Canada has been blessed with some of the largest reservoirs of fresh water making drought in the country something that will not happen anytime soon. Canada has more lakes than the entire world’s lakes combined.

81 Canadian Rocky Mountain Park

The Rocky Mountains Park provides tourists and residents the opportunity to camp right between magnificent sloping cliffs and experience the beauty of Mother Nature in its purest form.

82 Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail is one of the few highways in the world with the most spectacular views. It is 298 km long and runs all around the Northern tip of the island.

83 Niagara Falls

The breathtaking Niagara Falls straddle between the Canadian and United States border. The falls are a combination of 3 waterfalls namely The Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls.

84 Top producer of…

Canada is one of the Top producers of copper, zinc, nickel, aluminium, gold and natural gas.

85 Weather

Although everyone has the impression that Canada is only snow and cold weather there is another side to this great country. Canada enjoys all of the seasons, with the warm summer months being particularly pleasant.

86 Home to the largest mall

The West Edmonton Mall is known as the largest mall in the world. If shopping is what you like then you are in for a treat. You and your family can have the ultimate shopping experience at the Edmonton Mall.

87 Second largest country

Next to Russia, Canada is the second largest country, making it the best possible place to get a job and support your family.

88 University education

Canada is home to over 90 universities. Education is considered as very important to the Canadians, they believe that an educated community is a rich community. More than half of the residents in this country has a college degree.

89 If you like pasta…

Canadians truly love their macaroni and cheese, if it is your favourite dish then you will most definitely feel right at home.

90 Oil reserves

The world’s largest oil reserves are mainly Saudi Arabia & Venezuela but Canada comes in at third place as it has the 3rd largest oil reserve in the world.

91 Canada caters for the blind

Canada is one of the countries that have placed Braille markings on their notes for the blind to identify the values of the notes they are holding.

92 Helpful organizations

Struggling with cancer is not a laughing matter. It is hard enough to fight the illness while looking after your family and your home at the same time. A group of Canadian women has seen the struggle and created a group that cleans cancer victims home free of charge, giving them the opportunity to focus more on getting better.

93 Preservation of wildlife

A conservationist will fall in love with Canada the moment they take a drive through the Banff National Park. The park has found the perfect method for animals to cross the highway in a safe manner. They have constructed overpasses for all animals to cross over to the other side of the park without having to go anywhere near a car creating the perfect balance.

94 Canadians like to eat

All of the highways in Canada keep true to the notion that Canadians like good food. There is great food stops all along the highways, with delicious food at every stop.

95 Diversity

This country is most probably the most diverse country in the world. She holds so many different cultures, religions and options in her hand and yet it is known as the most socially civilized country in the world.

96 Transportation

Transportation systems have been put in place to assist you to get to and from work in an easy and convenient manner.

97 Spectacular storm viewing

In a certain part of Canada called Vancouver you can see the most breathtaking storms as there is nothing but the Pacific Ocean between Vancouver Island and Japan making it the perfect place to do a little storm watching from a safe distance.

98 Cycling enthusiasts

This country truly has something for each adventure enthusiast. For the cyclists, the Cabot Trail is a definite bucket list item. With the best scenery and smoothest road, it is bound to be an experience of a lifetime.

99 Surfers home

The beaches of a small town called Tofino has been a surfers destination since the 1960’s providing a constant sea temperature throughout the year and the best waves to get any surfers adrenalin pumping.

100 Fishing next to the ice

As Canada has so much coastline and many lakes it is only fitting that fishing is a skill that is definitely something to invest in learning when you immigrate to Canada.

101 Polar bear prison

In the town of Churchill, Canada they have a surprising visitor that drops by every now and again, the polar bear. Polar bears migrate past this little town and fences have been erected to safeguard residents who are at times, outnumbered by the bears. This has lead to a thriving tourist industry underpinned by the slogan, the Polar bear prison. Visitors to the town can view polar bears up close on marked trails in specialist vehicles called tundra buggies.

102 Maple syrup

Canada is the main producer of the world’s maple syrup, producing around 80% of the supply. Canadians have perfected the art of waffles and syrup.

103 Tradition of tipping

Not only is Canada filled with work opportunities so tipping is compulsory, it is not a choice but rather it is a part of their lifestyle, giving service industry employees the chance to make more money every day.

104 Does smoking irritate you?

Does a person smoking in and around your workplace irritate you as you are a non-smoker and would like to breathe in fresh air? Canada must be the place for you. Smoking is not permitted in any public areas or buildings so the only place you are permitted to smoke is in your own home and in your vehicle.

105 Lowest annual inflation rate

Been wondering how the cost of living is so low in Canada, here is your answer; a low annual inflation rate. By keeping the inflation rate low, you can afford a good lifestyle for your family.

106 Sunlight all day

If you take the right route through Canada you will be able to have sunlight all day as there are a total of 6 time zones.

107 Beach Love

Endless beach for beach lovers. This country is home to the longest beach continuous beach in the world.

108 Best of the ocean

If exploring the deep waters of the ocean is what you like to do on weekends, then exploring the three oceans around Canada will keep you busy for quite a while. Three oceans meet up around Canada namely: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean.

109 Assistance in Court

If you run into trouble, depending on your monthly wages, you will be provided a legal representative by the government.

110 Canada manufacturers and exports

Canada manufactures various items and exports them all over the world. Some of the products manufactured include clothing, paper, high technology equipment, aerospace technology, automobiles, machinery, and food.


111 Canadians have protected rights

By immigrating to Canada you fall under the protection of the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. Do you need a Visa to visit Canada, you can chat to us, or compare us to other Agencies.

112 Dust off your French

If you have wondered why you decided to take French in school, then you need wonder no more. There are two official languages that are spoken in Canada; English and French.
After doing all your homework you will clearly see that Canada is definitely a country to consider if you are deciding to relocate your family.
For more information you can check out the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada or contact us here.

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