Review of Rejected Applications

This option is for those who have submitted an application for a Study Permit, Work Permit or Visit Visa and believe that IRCC has refused their application incorrectly or want to understand why their application was refused. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will review your refusal letter and all of the relevant supporting documents and application forms to assist you in determining if a second application could be successful. This is not for those who want to apply for a Judicial Review by the Federal Court. This is only for those who want to further understand the refusal of their application to see if Judicial Review would be an option or want to submit a new application.

Once you have made your booking our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will review your documentation and then set up a time to discuss the application with you.

Video Transcript:

We offer a service for individuals whose applications have been refused by the Canadian government. The refused entry could be for an express entry application; it could be for a study permit, a work permit; a spousal application – it doesn’t matter what type of application it is, we can review the reasons for refusal and the full application that was submitted, to see if an error has been made on the part of the officer, or if, unfortunately, the error was made by the applicant.

If the error was made by the applicant, we can suggest ways that this error can be overcome in a resubmission. If the error was made by the officer, in some cases we can ask for reconsideration – where the file can be re-opened, and this could lead to the approval of the application.

What we would need in order to do this review is the letter from the Canadian government stating why the application was refused, as well as all of the documents that you submitted with the application. We then use these to verify whether the error was on the part of the applicant or the Canadian government.

What's Included


You will be provided with your written report within 7 working days.