IELTS Development Courses

IELTS Development Courses are offered by Highway IELTS and enable candidates to focus on a specific component of the test (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading). These programs are designed to provide a more detailed assessment of each of the components and are suitable for people who are writing the test for the first time or have already failed to secure their required score in one or more of the components. Candidates are assigned to an IELTS coach, who oversees their progress through the material, makes recommendations and provides an exam-readiness assessment upon completion.

What would you like to refine?

Self-study courses provide focused, in-depth training on each of the four IELTS sub-tests. If you have attended a Highway IELTS Workshop, or you have already attempted IELTS and you know which area of the test is holding you back, these courses are for you. They are also an ideal solution for people who prefer to study and learn independently at home.

Each self-study course incorporates extensive preparation and training, with self-assessment rubrics. You will be assigned to your own Highway IELTS IELTS coach, who will guide you through the process, monitor your progress and provide additional feedback on performance.

The writing course is particularly popular, given the high rate of failure in writing. Your Highway IELTS instructor will identify the most common errors that candidates make in the writing test and designed material to address these issues.

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